December 25, 2023

Are You Looking For The Best Jobs For GPs Overseas?

It’s no secret that doctors in the UK are facing many ongoing difficulties, including issues over pay for junior doctors.

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It’s no secret that doctors in the UK are facing many ongoing difficulties, including issues over pay for junior doctors.  

Many are also working longer hours than GPs in various other countries. This year we’ve seen multiple strikes by junior doctors over issues related to pay.  According to recent research, two in three doctors working in the NHS suffer ‘moral distress’ due to the services being overstretched. 

Doctors are in high-demand all over the world, so you might be considering looking for a new role abroad. Here are a few reasons to explore our jobs for GPs overseas in 2024:

Find the best career opportunities for your level of experience.

Overseas positions can offer unique experiences, such as exposure to different healthcare systems, diverse patient populations and access to cutting-edge technology or treatments not available in the UK. This can enhance your skills and broaden your expertise. It can also look brilliant on your CV when you return to Britain. 

Advantage Medical Staffing has permanent and locum roles, including in Canada, the US and elsewhere in the world. If you’re looking in the UK, we also have roles in various locations in Britain. 

Find opportunities that support your professional development. 

Climbing the career ladder in the medical sector can be difficult. It involves continuous learning and skill development, along with mentoring and networking. This is a topic which we explore more in detail on our blog. 

Working abroad can provide opportunities for professional growth, allowing doctors to learn new techniques, gain diverse clinical experiences, and collaborate with experts from different cultural backgrounds.

For instance, the Canadian healthcare system offers opportunities for continuous learning and professional development. GPs can engage in various training programs, conferences and workshops to stay updated with the latest medical advancements.

While the workload can be demanding, Canadian healthcare often emphasises a balance between work and personal life. GPs typically have set hours and aren’t usually on call 24/7, giving you a more predictable schedule.

Find roles for GPs overseas with competitive salaries. 

Some countries may offer higher salaries or better benefits than what’s available in the UK. Additionally, tax incentives or lower living costs in certain regions can be appealing. 

Our roles for GPs include those in Canada, a country that’s culturally diverse and provides the opportunity to work with patients from various backgrounds, providing care that's tailored to different cultural and linguistic needs.

Go on a new adventure and explore a different way of living. 

The prospect of relocating abroad can be extremely daunting. However, moving to a new country can be an incredible adventure, offering the chance to experience a different culture, lifestyle and environment. For many people, this can be an exciting aspect of their career development. 

Our founders, Dr Rowen Fernando, a GP with fifteen years of experience, and his wife Shilpa, relocated to Canada. They can therefore offer plenty of insights into what the experience is like. 

We love helping medical professionals make that leap and overcome their fears.

Find specialised opportunities not available in your area. 

Certain countries might have specific needs for medical professionals in particular specialties or areas of expertise, providing unique opportunities for doctors with those skills. Rated highly by our previous clients, Advantage Medical Staffing helps GP for roles in many different countries, including Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA.

Gain a new perspective and explore different career paths. 

Some doctors might seek overseas roles for temporary assignments or sabbaticals to gain new perspectives, recharge professionally, or explore different career paths before returning to the UK. This can be a wonderful way to grow as an individual. While some people end up building a life abroad, others use it as an adventure before returning to their home country. 

For instance, Australia offers a robust medical system with opportunities for continuing education and professional development to enhance your skills and knowledge. The Australian healthcare system is well-structured and supported, offering GPs resources and assistance to deliver quality care to patients.

Australia provides various avenues for foreign GPs to work and contribute to its healthcare system through various visa programs. The country offers a high standard of living, excellent healthcare facilities and is obviously famous for its sunny climate. 

For those interested, there are incentives and programs encouraging GPs to work in rural and remote areas, often offering additional financial support.

It's always important for doctors to consider potential challenges before applying for roles overseas.

These include adjusting to a new healthcare system, cultural differences, licensing and certification requirements, and the impact of moving on your personal life and family. We can help you make a decision based on practical and professional considerations.

If you’re looking for jobs for GPs overseas, check out our latest opportunities. Or don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for more information.

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