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DR. Marcus Stenton
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From helping you highlight your experience and education in the best way to applying to the job & relocation to a new country, Advantage is with you at every step of your journey.

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What our Doctors say

Having successfully placed medical professionals just like you in top clinics across the world, we a have story or two to share.

Very helpful staff. 5 star service with great personalised support and advice for me. Would highly recommend.
Dr. G. M.
Family Physician, Toronto
Very professional and sound team, helped me all the way to securing a good contract in Canada. Dr. Rowen is a Gem!
Dr. Firzoque Gul
Family Physician, Toronto
My wife and I worked with Rowen from Advantage to search for jobs abroad. Our experience with Advantage has been absolutely fantastic. I have worked with recruitment companies in the past but Advantage stands head and shoulders above the rest. Rowen is a very hardworking and dedicated recruitment expert and takes the time to understand the clients needs in depth. He is friendly and very responsive with communication – our family felt reassured at each step of the journey. He has a wide network of clinics that he put us in touch with. We did a field trip to Canada and he took the time to prepare an itinerary for us so that we could meet with contacts on the ground. He goes the extra mile to provide advice on all aspects of the move such as immigration, schools and real estate whereby providing a comprehensive service package. We have no hesitation in recommending Rowen and his team to any prospective clients who are embarking on their search for new job opportunities abroad!
Dr. Assad Farooq
Family Physician, Toronto
Advantage streamlined my job search process with their personalized approach, leading me to my ideal medical position in beautiful Brisbane, Australia effortlessly.
Dr. Emily Thompson
Accident and Emergency SHO, Brisbane
Rowen and the team at Advantage were instrumental in facilitating my move to Birmingham. Their assistance throughout the process was second to none.
Dr Akshay Varma
General Practitioner, Birmingham
I found a fulfilling role in Adelaide, thanks to the Advantage team. They were there for me throughout the entire process, making my relocation smooth.
Dr. Nguyen Trang
General Medicine Consultant, Adelaide
Relocating to Mississauga was made simpler with Advantage's continuous support. They matched me with an excellent opportunity in a great clinic.
Dr. Sadia Hussain
Family Physician, Mississauga, Ontario
The team made my transition to a new job in Canberra, Australia incredibly easy. Their service was exceptional and I couldn't have done it without them.
Dr. Obafemi Adekunle
General Practitioner, Canberra
Thanks to the team at Advantage, I found a rewarding position in Toronto, moving over from the UK. Their support made my relocation journey easy.
Dr. Leila Farah
Family Physician, Toronto
Shilpa and her team made my move to Vancouver from the USA smoother than I could have ever imagined. Their dedication is truly commendable.
Dr. Carlos Rivera
Family Physician, Vancouver
Advantage turned my dream of working in Alberta, Canada into a reality. Their guidance exceeded my expectations and they were always available to help.
Dr. Samantha Johnson
Rheumatologist, Edmonton
The meticulous approach of Advantage in helping me find the perfect role in Newcastle was impressive. I am grateful for their service.
Dr. Zahra Mustafa
General Practitioner, Newcastle
Rowen and his team were instrumental in my move from London to Edinburgh. They understood my professional needs and matched me with the perfect opportunity.
Dr. Jingyi Chen
General Practitioner, Edinburgh
Moving to Manitoba, Canada from the UK was a big step, but the team at Advantage made it feel like a breeze. Their guidance and assistance were invaluable.
Dr. Rajdeep Gupta
Immunologist, Manitoba
Transitioning to a new job in Manchester was made straightforward by Advantage. Their unwavering support throughout my journey was commendable.
Muhammad Hassan
Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Manchester
The team's assistance was invaluable in finding my role in Southampton. I was connected with a brilliant clinic where I feel well supported and happy.
Maria Fernandez
Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Southampton
The team's continuous support during my relocation from Australia to Toronto, Canada was exceptional. They matched me with an opportunity that was just right for me.
Dr. Ali Al-Khalili
General Practitioner, Toronto
Rowen's expertise and the team's dedication made my dream of working in Australia reality. They understood my career goals and matched me perfectly.
Dr. Satyendra Patel
Endocrinologist, Darwin

Where do you want to work next?

Moving to a new country can be daunting - we know that from experience. Once you are accepted to the job, we will provide guidance on relocation, ensuring a smooth transition to your dream destination.


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Discover the thriving healthcare scene in Australia, known for its excellent healthcare standards and high quality of life. With advanced medical facilities and a strong emphasis on work-life balance, Australia offers a fantastic opportunity for medical professionals seeking a rewarding career in a beautiful setting.

Lifestyle balance with ample leisure and recreational opportunities.
Internationally recognized healthcare system with strong support for research.
Diverse patient population providing unique learning experiences.


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Discover Canada's thriving healthcare system, renowned for its excellent patient care and diverse medical opportunities. Benefit from a supportive work environment, advanced technologies, and opportunities for professional growth. Experience breathtaking natural beauty, vibrant multicultural cities, and a rich cultural tapestry shaped by indigenous heritage and immigrant influences.

Universal healthcare system ensuring accessible care for all.
Abundance of job opportunities across various medical specialties.
Welcoming and inclusive society fostering diversity and cultural exchange.

Cayman Islands

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Embrace the tranquil and professional healthcare environment of the Cayman Islands, where high standards of medical care and a focus on patient well-being create an ideal setting for medical practitioners. Known for its beautiful beaches and relaxed lifestyle, the Cayman Islands offer a unique balance of work and leisure. Enjoy the island’s vibrant community, rich cultural experiences, and outdoor activities.

High-quality healthcare system with a focus on patient care and well-being.
Opportunities to work in a serene and picturesque environment.
A perfect blend of professional opportunities and a relaxed island lifestyle.


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Discover the rapidly evolving healthcare sector of Qatar, where modern facilities and a commitment to excellence provide a stimulating setting for medical professionals. Qatar's emphasis on medical education and research, coupled with its world-class hospitals, offers abundant opportunities for career development. Enjoy a blend of rich cultural heritage and modern amenities.

State-of-the-art medical facilities and a focus on research and education.
Opportunities to work in a thriving healthcare sector with high standards.
A blend of traditional culture and modern lifestyle in a developing country.

United Kingdom

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Experience the esteemed medical heritage of the United Kingdom, where centuries of excellence and innovation have shaped the healthcare landscape. With renowned hospitals, academic institutions, and a commitment to research, the UK offers a stimulating environment for medical professionals. Immerse yourself in its vibrant history, diverse social fabric, and cultural landmarks.

Internationally recognized medical education and training.
Opportunities for research and specialization in various medical fields.
Cultural richness and access to world-class arts and entertainment.

United States

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Embark on an exciting medical career in the United States, renowned for its world-class medical institutions, cutting-edge research, and unparalleled diversity. With a vast array of specializations, the U.S. offers limitless opportunities for professional advancement. Immerse yourself in the dynamic culture, explore iconic cities, and enjoy the country's natural wonders.

Access to prestigious medical facilities and advanced technologies.
High earning potential and career growth opportunities.
Cultural diversity and vibrant cities offering a wide range of experiences.

United Arab Emirates

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Experience the innovative medical landscape of the United Arab Emirates, where state-of-the-art healthcare infrastructure and rapid advancements create a dynamic environment for medical professionals. With internationally accredited hospitals and a focus on medical tourism, the UAE offers unique opportunities for growth and specialization. Immerse yourself in a culturally diverse and technologically advanced society.

Advanced healthcare facilities and internationally recognized hospitals.
Significant investments in medical research and cutting-edge technologies.
Opportunities for growth in a multicultural and innovative environment.

News & Resources

Stay informed and enhance your medical knowledge with our curated content designed to empower and inspire healthcare professionals.

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At Advantage, we believe in creating positive impacts beyond our primary mission. That's why we're proud to partner with B1G1, a global initiative that turns everyday business activities into life-changing impacts. For every medical professional we successfully place, a contribution is made to one of B1G1's many meaningful projects around the world.

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We're here to make your transition smooth. For professionals considering a move, especially internationally, we offer guidance on visa processes, housing, cultural integration, and more. We draw from our team's firsthand experience to assist you every step of the way.

No, our recruitment services are completely free for medical professionals. We earn our revenue from the hiring medical organizations and partner clinics.

Typically, you can expect a response within 1 week of your application. However, the exact timeframe can vary based on the specific medical organization and the volume of applications. We will keep you informed of all developments so you are never out of the loop.

Absolutely! While we have a strong network in the UK, we also offer exciting opportunities in countries like Canada, the US, and Australia. Our goal is to connect medical professionals with roles that match their aspirations, regardless of geography.

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