For Doctors, by doctors

We're a friendly and dedicated team focused on bridging the gap between outstanding medical professionals and the Permanent or Locum roles that are perfect for them, whether it's in the UK, Canada, US or anywhere else around the world.

Our founders, Dr Rowen Fernando, a GP with 15+ years of experience, and his wife Shilpa, made their own journey, relocating to Canada and turning their insights from this experience into a resource for others. Inspired by their adventure, they set out to support other medical professionals in making similar leaps.

Whether you're a medical professional ready for your next career step or a healthcare organisation in search of top-tier talent, we're here to help. With Advantage, it's about more than just job placement – it's about finding the right fit, in the right place, at the right time.

Our Team

Leadership team

Meet the people that will be helping you on your journey. They're the champions behind every successful match we make.

CEO and Founder

Rowen Fernando

With over 20 years of clinical expertise, Dr. Rowen Fernando is not just a physician but a guiding force for doctors seeking transformative career opportunities. Having relocated to Canada in 2015, he intimately understands the challenges of international migration. Driven by his personal journey, he passionately assists fellow doctors in navigating this complex transition, sharing invaluable insights and ensuring a seamless relocation process. His dedication stems from a genuine desire to help medical professionals discover their perfect balance between fulfilling careers and enriching lives. With Dr. Fernando at the helm, doctors are in capable hands for a prosperous and fulfilling professional journey.

CEO and Co-founder

Shilpa Fernando

CEO and Co-founder, Shilpa Fernando, infuses Advantage with her relentless determination. Trained as a solicitor in central London, she fearlessly conquers challenges, making the impossible possible. What sets Shilpa apart is her personal journey—she moved from the UK to Canada in 2015, experiencing the complexities of international relocation first-hand. This deep understanding fuels her mission: simplifying transitions for medical professionals globally. Under her leadership, Advantage thrives as a beacon of support for doctors and their families. Shilpa’s empathetic approach and unwavering commitment empower medical professionals on their global career journeys.

Client Services Director

David Doukas

David is our our dedicated Client Services Director who holds an unwavering commitment to exceptional client experiences. With a rich background in healthcare management, he navigates the intricacies of the industry to ensure our clients receive unparalleled service. David's passion extends beyond the boardroom; he finds inspiration in long-distance running, having completed multiple marathons. Join us in benefiting from David's expertise. Experience a seamless, client-focused approach, where your needs are not just met, but surpassed.

Compliance Manager

Mehmet Gul

Meet Mehmet, our meticulous Compliance Manager. Mehmet ensures that Advantage operates at the highest standards of compliance and integrity. Outside the realm of regulations and policies, he enjoys unwinding by indulging in his favourite movies, finding inspiration and joy in captivating stories on screen. At Advantage, we believe that a compliant foundation creates the perfect environment for your professional growth.

Candidate Services Director

Maria Kaczmarek

Maria has a passion for connecting medical professionals with their dream opportunities. Her expertise in understanding both the medical field and the recruitment process guarantees tailored support at every step. Beyond the office, Maria finds solace in the great outdoors. She enjoys exploring nature trails, with hiking being her favourite way to unwind.

Recruitment Director

Ravi Goswamy

Meet Ravi, our dynamic Recruitment Director. With a wealth of experience and a vision for excellence, Ravi leads our recruitment strategies with precision and insight. Ravi finds his sanctuary in the laughter and joy of his young family. Ravi's dedication combined with his love for family, shapes a unique perspective that drives our mission at Advantage. Trust in his expertise to pave the way for your successful medical career.

Trainee Recruitment Consultant

Sarah Jessop

Meet Sarah, our dedicated Trainee Recruitment Consultant. With a keen eye for talent and a heart full of dedication, Sarah ensures a seamless recruitment process for both candidates and clients. Beyond the office, Sarah finds solace in the warm embrace of her furry friends. A lover of all things canine, she cherishes moments of cuddles with her dogs. Sarah's enthusiasm and commitment make her an invaluable asset to our team, bringing a blend of professionalism and genuine care to every interaction.


What they say about us

We're all about connecting great people with great medical organisations. Here's what they say about their experience with us.

The Advantage team, led by Rowen, ensured a seamless hiring process. Their expertise and dedication brought us the specialists we needed.
Dr. Sean Murphy
Medical director, Sydney
Rowen and his team at Advantage took the time to understand our requirements and connected us with some of the best Family Physicians we've ever hired.
Rebecca Lynch
Medical clinic owner, Ontario
Working with Advantage has streamlined our hiring process significantly. Each candidate presented was better than the last, reflecting their in-depth screening.
Julia Harris
CEO, Medical clinic, Manitoba
We've saved countless hours and effort since we started hiring with Advantage. Their attention to detail and understanding of our needs is exceptional.
Dr. Prabjot Singh
Clinic owner, Toronto
Rowen's personal touch and dedication are evident in the quality of professionals we've been introduced to. Advantage truly cares about mutual compatibility.
Jenny Woo
Clinic Manager, Edmonton, Alberta
In the competitive world of medical recruitment, Advantage stands out. Their commitment to sourcing top-tier talent is unparalleled.
Susanna Lucatelli
Staffing Director, Brisbane
Advantage streamlined my job search process with their personalized approach, leading me to my ideal medical position in beautiful Brisbane, Australia effortlessly.
Dr. Emily Thompson
Accident and Emergency SHO, Brisbane
Advantage transformed our staffing challenges into opportunities, providing exceptional medical professionals that elevated the quality of care in our office.
Dr. Philip Rains
Clinic owner, Lethbridge, Alberta
Rowen and the team at Advantage were instrumental in facilitating my move to Birmingham. Their assistance throughout the process was second to none.
Dr Akshay Varma
General Practitioner, Birmingham
I found a fulfilling role in Adelaide, thanks to the Advantage team. They were there for me throughout the entire process, making my relocation smooth.
Dr. Nguyen Trang
General Medicine Consultant, Adelaide
Relocating to Mississauga was made simpler with Advantage's continuous support. They matched me with an excellent opportunity in a great clinic.
Dr Sadia Hussain
Family Physician, Mississauga, Ontario
The team made my transition to a new job in Canberra, Australia incredibly easy. Their service was exceptional and I couldn't have done it without them.
Dr Obafemi Adekunle
General Practitioner, Canberra
Thanks to the team at Advantage, I found a rewarding position in Toronto, moving over from the UK. Their support made my relocation journey easy.
Dr. Leila Farah
Family Physician, Toronto
Shilpa and her team made my move to Vancouver from the USA smoother than I could have ever imagined. Their dedication is truly commendable.
Dr Carlos Rivera
Family Physician, Vancouver
Advantage turned my dream of working in Alberta, Canada into a reality. Their guidance exceeded my expectations and they were always available to help.
Dr Samantha Johnson
Rheumatologist, Edmonton
The meticulous approach of Advantage in helping me find the perfect role in Newcastle was impressive. I am grateful for their service.
Dr Zahra Mustafa
General Practitioner, Newcastle
Rowen and his team were instrumental in my move from London to Edinburgh. They understood my professional needs and matched me with the perfect opportunity.
Dr. Jingyi Chen
General Practitioner, Edinburgh
Moving to Manitoba, Canada from the UK was a big step, but the team at Advantage made it feel like a breeze. Their guidance and assistance were invaluable.
Dr. Rajdeep Gupta
Immunologist, Manitoba
The guidance and feedback I received from the team were unmatched. I was connected with an amazing Family Physician and I am currently working with Advantage to source more quality candidates.
Lucas Moore
Clinic Manager, Ottawa
Transitioning to a new job in Manchester was made straightforward by Advantage. Their unwavering support throughout my journey was commendable.
Muhammad Hassan
Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Manchester
The team's assistance was invaluable in finding my role in Southampton. I was connected with a brilliant clinic where I feel well supported and happy.
Maria Fernandez
Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Southampton
The team's continuous support during my relocation from Australia to Toronto, Canada was exceptional. They matched me with an opportunity that was just right for me.
Dr Ali Al-Khalili
General Practitioner, Toronto
Rowen's expertise and the team's dedication made my dream of working in Australia reality. They understood my career goals and matched me perfectly.
Dr. Satyendra Patel
Endocrinologist, Darwin
Working with Rowen and the team made my transition to a new GP job in West London seamless. I'm now in a role that aligns perfectly with my career aspirations.
Dr. Isabella Taylor
General Practitioner, London