March 18, 2024

A Doctor-Led Recruitment Agency For GP Jobs In Canada

There are many locations which are popular with GPs working abroad, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, the USA, and Singapore.

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There are many locations which are popular with GPs working abroad, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, the USA, and Singapore. 

Canada's healthcare system is especially popular because it values general practitioners, especially in areas with skills shortages like rural locations. In Canada you can enjoy competitive salaries, first-class working conditions and access to a universal healthcare system.

Like the UK, Canada's healthcare system provides universal coverage to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents. This means that regardless of a person's income level or employment status, they have access to essential medical services.

Work as a GP in Canada and you’ll be part one of the most renowned healthcare systems in the world. Surveys consistently show high levels of satisfaction among Canadians with their healthcare system. In particular, they value the accessibility and universality of healthcare services provided.

How do I decide which country to work in?

Before deciding where you wish to work, you will need to consider factors such as licensing requirements, cultural differences, the language barrier and the cost of living. It also helps to consider the particular lifestyle a country can offer.

It also helps to understand the healthcare system and patient demographics in each country in order to make an informed decision.

Canada is a popular place for English and French speakers. It generally offers very competitive salaries for healthcare professionals. There are also plenty of opportunities for advancement and professional development.

The country also consistently ranks high in terms of quality of life, with excellent healthcare, education, and safety standards. This can mean a better overall experience for you and your families.

Why look for job opportunities abroad?

Working abroad can often offer a wider range of career opportunities, such as working in specialised clinics, research institutions, or teaching hospitals.

Perhaps you wish to gain particular skills and experiences which assist in your professional development.  If you’ve previously worked abroad, it can look great on your CV and help you to stand out in a competitive field. 

Furthermore, many countries offer higher salaries and better benefits for healthcare professionals, including GPs, which is a popular incentive to work abroad.

Many GPs are also seeking a better quality of life, whether it's due to better work-life balance, access to amenities, or a desire for a change of scenery. Canada has access to breathtaking natural beauty and it is also renowned for providing a good work/life balance.

Go on a new adventure in 2024.

Living and working abroad is an unforgettable experience. Our memories of travel are often the most vivid and precious. The chance to meet amazing people can enrich the tapestry of our lives. 

Living somewhere new also broadens our minds. Working abroad allows you to explore new cultures, languages, and ways of life.

You might also be able to find opportunities which aren’t available in your own country. Working in a different healthcare system can present unique challenges and opportunities for growth, which some GPs find intellectually stimulating and rewarding.

Many GPs may have personal reasons for wanting to work abroad. Perhaps you wish to join family members who have relocated, have met a new partner abroad, or are simply seeking a change of pace in your life.

Whatever your reasons for looking for jobs as a GP in Canada, Advantage provides unbeatable support throughout the process. If you’re looking for vacancies related to particular specialisations or expertise, Advantage can help you find vacancies that reflect your area of interest. 

Why use a doctor-led recruitment agency like Advantage?

We’re a doctor-led recruitment agency, which offers many unique benefits if you’re looking for work abroad in this field. 

Since we’re run by those with first-hand experience in the field, you will have experts who understand your qualifications and the challenges you face. 

Our agency is also run by those who have also worked abroad, so they understand both the technical and emotional side of the process. They can give invaluable insights into the healthcare systems, licensing requirements, and cultural nuances of the countries you're considering, helping you make informed decisions.

We provide tailored support and guidance throughout the entire recruitment process. 

We have established networks and relationships with healthcare facilities and employers in a range of locations, including Canada and Australia. You will therefore have access to exclusive job opportunities that often aren’t advertised elsewhere, increasing your chances of finding the right position abroad.

If needed, our team is able to advocate and negotiate on your behalf during the interview process. Advantage can ensure that your interests are represented and help secure favourable employment terms, including competitive salaries, benefits, and work-life balance arrangements.

Knowing that we are  led by medical professionals who understand your needs and concerns can make your job search much less stressful.

If you’re on the hunt for career opportunities for GPs in Canada, simply contact us to get the process started.

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