August 5, 2023

General Practitioner / Family Physician

Are you a compassionate and dedicated Family Physician looking for a rewarding opportunity in beautiful York, Ontario? Please contact us to find out more. No MCCQE exam needed if MRCGP qualified.
York, Ontario
General practice / Family Practice

About this job

Due to clinic expansion has arisen a great opportunity to join this established medical clinic with experienced and supportive staff. This practice offers both a fee for service and Family Health Group (FHG) model.

Here's an overview of how the FHG model works:

1. Group Practice: In the FHG model, Family Physicians typically work in a group practice. This group can include multiple Family Physicians, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare providers.

2. Enrolled Patient Roster: Family Physicians in FHGs have an enrolled patient roster, which means they have a set number of patients assigned to their care. This approach allows for continuity of care and more personalized patient-doctor relationships.

3. Capitation-Based Funding: The FHG model is based on capitation, which means that physicians receive a set monthly fee per enrolled patient. This fee covers a range of primary care services, including office visits and certain medical procedures.

4. Comprehensive Care: Family Physicians in FHGs are responsible for providing comprehensive care to their patients, including preventive care, chronic disease management, and acute care services.

5. Flexibility: While the FHG model provides stable and predictable income through capitation, it also allows flexibility in terms of how Family Physicians organize their practices. They can decide on the specific services they offer and how they manage their patient rosters.

6. Incentives: The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care provides incentives for Family Physicians practicing in FHGs to deliver high-quality care, including bonuses for preventive care and managing patients with chronic diseases.

7. Interprofessional Care: FHGs often incorporate a team-based approach to care, with healthcare professionals like nurses, dietitians, and social workers working together to provide comprehensive services to patients.

With Ontario removing the requirement for the MCCQE examination for GP's with any of these qualifications; MRCGP, MICGP, RACGP, ACRRM or DABFM, now is the perfect time to consider this wonderful opportunity.

Vacation/CME Leave

Clinic details

Renowned for its unwavering commitment to patient-centered care and a strong sense of community, this clinic is a trusted partner in the well-being of the local population.

Led by a dedicated team of Family Physicians, nurse practitioners, and support staff, the clinic embodies the essence of holistic healthcare. Its modern facilities, collaborative environment, and a patient roster that reflects the diversity of York, make it a healthcare hub like no other. Here, the concept of work-life balance is more than a promise; it's a reality. Patients and practitioners alike are treated with respect, compassion, and a genuine desire for well-being.

York, Ontario is a diverse and vibrant community with much to offer residents and visitors alike. Here are five key points about York:

  1. Cultural Diversity: York is celebrated for its cultural diversity, with residents hailing from all corners of the world. This diversity is reflected in its rich tapestry of traditions, languages, and cuisines.
  2. Strong Sense of Community: The city has a strong sense of community, where residents often come together for local events, festivals, and to support one another. This sense of togetherness fosters a warm and welcoming environment.
  3. Green Spaces: York offers a balance between urban living and natural beauty. The city features numerous parks, recreational areas, and green spaces, providing opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation.
  4. Economic Opportunities: As part of the Greater Toronto Area, York benefits from its proximity to a strong and diverse economy. This offers residents access to various employment opportunities and a high standard of living.
  5. Cultural Activities: York hosts a wide range of cultural activities, from music and arts festivals to culinary events. The city is a hub of cultural exploration, with something for everyone to enjoy.

These qualities make York a dynamic and welcoming place to live, rich in culture, community spirit, and natural beauty.


  • No on call commitments or Home visits.
  • Experienced support staff to handle administrative tasks
  • Access to a network of specialists for seamless referrals
  • Opportunities for professional growth and continuing medical education
  • Strong emphasis on work-life balance, allowing you to pursue your personal interests
  • A competitive salary of up to $510,000 +per annum

Candidate requirements

  • Medical degree and licensing to practice in Ontario.
  • Certification in Family Medicine from the College of Family Physicians of Canada.
  • Dedication to providing compassionate and patient-centered care.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • A collaborative approach to medicine and a desire to work within a supportive team.

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